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... to the website of Upton in the Hundred of Wirral, a site dedicated to the history of Upton.


The site first appeared in 1998 and has continually grown since then, it has also undergone several changes in appearance, and this is the latest version of the site.


To help you navigate around the site, there are two menus, the top (horizontal) menu is static and always shows the same options, while the left (vertical) menu gives different options depending on which of the selections from the top menu is chosen. There is also a site map and search facility.


Most images can be enlarged by moving the mouse pointer onto the image. Note that many images on the site are copyright, please contact me before downloading, copying or printing any image.


Can you Help?


Do you have any pictures of Upton, or of events in and around Upton either old or not so old?


Do you have any documents, newspaper cuttings or other information relating to Upton or the surrounding area?


Do you have any stories about Upton or the surrounding area?


If you do, please contact me by e-mail at frank@upton.cx