Upton is located in the North West of England on the Wirral Peninsula, close to Birkenhead.

Upton's early importance was due to the fact that it was at the junction of roads from four neighbouring villages - Woodchurch, Saughall Massie, Moreton and Claughton

The boundaries of Upton have changed several times over the years, in particular, following Upton's incorporation into Birkenhead in 1931, the northeast part of the township was transferred to Wallasey. For the purpose of this website, I have used the boundaries as defined on the 1927 Ordnance Survey map.

Starting on Ford Road (by Upton Station) the boundary follows the River Fender north until it reaches the Moreton spur of the M53 motorway, it then runs West, just North of first the motorway spur and then Beech Avenue until it Reaches the Arrowe Brook.

The boundary then follows the Arrowe Brook south, crossing Saughall Massie Road at Saughall Massie Bridge and Greasby Road at Upton Bridge, until it reaches the end of Brookdale Avenue, it then runs east, arriving at Arrowe Park Road just south of the Police Station.

The boundary then runs south along Arrowe Park Road, turning north-east just past the terrace of cottages before the Stirrup. The boundary crosses the Woodchurch Estate following Orret's Meadow Road and rejoins the River Fender following it north to Ford Road.

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