This section has a searchable database of names, addresses and occupations which has been compiled from trade directories, telephone directories, electoral registers and censuses between the years of 1841 and 1939. Many of these documents contain errors, and I have tried to indicate where possible errors occur.

Trade Directories

Trade directories have been produced since about 1700, they list businesses and tradespeople, as well as details of local gentry, landowners, schools and churches. The earliest directory used in compiling this database is Bagshaw's directory of Cheshire, produced in 1850, this has 18 names listed for Upton. The last directory of this type used, the 1923 Kelly directory of Cheshire, has 114 names listed.

The 1938 Kelly directory of Liverpool is a little different as it is arrange by streets and includes most occupied buildings, it has a total of 1,062 names listed for Upton.

Telephone Directories

In the early days of the telephone, only large businesses and the rich could afford them, the 1896 telephone directory has just four entries for Upton:

De Wolf, W The Salacres 2402
Grainger, Val Church Road 2408
Hannay, T S Greenbank 2401
Robinson, H J Upton Manor 2403

The 1930 telephone directory has 178 entries for Upton.


The first official census of England and Wales was on 10 March 1801, Since then there has been a census every ten years except for 1941, during the Second World War. Before 1841 the census was the responsibility of the overseers of the poor and the clergy and most of the records have been lost.

The main database contains details of heads of households and lodgers only from the censuses taken between 1841 and 1911. The 1841 census lists 46 households/lodgers in Upton, while the 1911 census has 241 entries. A secondary database will provide full details of households.

The 1939 Register is not a census as such but it contains similar information. It was taken at the outbreak of the Second World War and contains the personal information of all housholds living in England and Wales.

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